New Update DFT PRO Latest Version v4.0.4 2024 Star Mobile Care!

DFT PRO New Update v4.0.4 Release Free Download 2024 Star Mobile Care!

There are now several capabilities available for the Redmagic 9 Pro phone and other Samsung models with the DFT Pro Tool 4.0.4 edition, including data reading/writing and factory reset. The models Samsung A05s, A23, A42, A52, A70, A71, A72, A73, Z Flip3, Z Fold3, Z Flip4, and Z Fold4 are among those that are supported.
New Update DFT PRO Latest Version v4.0.4 2024 Star Mobile Care!

DFT PRO Update v4.0.4 Release

• Added Redmagic 9 Pro loader.
• Supports Samsung QCOM EDL.

The Models for FMM Remove, FMM return default, Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Read, and Write have been included. 
  • Samsung A05s SM-A057F

  • Samsung A23 SM-A235F

  • Samsung A23 SM-A236E

  • Samsung A23 SM-A236U

  • Samsung A23 SM-A236W

  • Samsung A42 SM-A426U

  • Samsung A42 SM-A426W

  • Samsung A52 SM-A525F

  • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526B

  • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526U

  • Samsung A52 5G SM-A526W

  • Samsung A70 SM-A705F

  • Samsung A70 SM-A705MN

  • Samsung A70 SM-A705Y

  • Samsung A71 SM-A715F

  • Samsung A71 5G SM-A716U

  • Samsung A71 5G SM-A716W

  • Samsung A72 SM-A725F

  • Samsung A73 SM-A736B

  • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711B

  • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711U

  • Samsung Z Flip3 SM-F711W

  • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F721B

  • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F721U

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731B

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731U

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F731W

  • Samsung Z Fold2 SM-F916U

  • Samsung Z Fold2 SM-F916W

  • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926B

  • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926N

  • Samsung Z Fold3 SM-F926U

  • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936B

  • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936N

  • Samsung Z Fold4 SM-F936U

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946B

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946U

  • Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F946W

DFT Pro Tool Features:

• Enable Diag
• Read info
• Reboot
• TWRP Mode
• Wipe EFS
• Backup EFS
• Restore EFS
• Reset MI Account ID

IMEI Repair Process

• Use Mi Assistant.
• Read info.
• Wipe EFS.
• Wipe data & storage.
• Reboot system.
• Unlock bootloader temporarily.
• Wipe EFS & downgrade modem.
• Bypass MI account.
• Reset FRP (Auto).

MediaTek Service Overview

• Fix Null Baseband
• IMEI Repair
• Factory Reset
• Backup/Restore NVRAM
• Unlock & Relock BL
• Wipe NVRAM
• Switch Meta Mode
• Enable Repair Meta
• Store IMEI in NVRAM
• Bypass Mi Account
• Disable Update
• Read/Write/Erase RPMB
• Patch CERT/vbmeta
• Remove Patch

DFT PRO Tool Overview

• Boot Mode & Meta Mode
• Oppos & Realme in DFT PRO Tool

Oppo & Realme Tools

• Read info, reset FRP.
• IMEI repair, factory reset.
• Backup/restore NVRAM, unlock/relock BL.
• Switch meta mode, wipe NVRAM.
• Root device, partition manager.
• Unlock BL New SEC.

Qualcomm EDL Tools

• Repair and Flash EDL.
• QCN Tool.
• Service EDL.
• Read Info, Reset MI Account ID.
• FRP Generic.
• Vivo.
• Erase FRP, Userdata.

Huawei Repair Tools

• Read Info
• Reset FRP
• IMEI Repair
• Factory Reset
• Backup/Restore NVRAM
• Unlock/Relock BL
• Switch Meta Mode
• Wipe NVRAM
• Unlock BL New SEC
• Flash

Samsung DFT PRO Tool Overview

• Reset EFS default.
• Read info and reboot.
• Call phone.

Security Tools Overview

• Reset Screen Lock (ADB)
• Enable All Language
• Reset FRP & Screen Lock
• FRP bypass Youtube Method
• Default/Custom URL
• Alliance Shield


• Reset FRP Download.
• Reset Reactivation/EE (RMM).
• Unlock RMM.
• Disable Knox.
• Fix Demo Network.

SPRD Reset FRP Methods

• Method 1, 2, 3.
• SPD FRP Reset
• Reboot to Normal & Recovery Mode.

DFT PRO User Guide

  1. • Download DFT PRO's latest setup version.
  2. • Extract and open the extracted folder.
  3. • Run the tool as administrator.
  4. • Click on Register or Login.
  5. • Get activation bundles for six months, a year, and two years.
  6. • Enter registered email ID & password.
  7. • Log in to use the tool.

Download New Version DFT PRO V4.0.4


Compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 versions, the program runs without a hitch.

Make a backup: Please take a backup of your personal data from your Android tablet or smartphone before utilizing the previously described tool. Device bricking could occur with any firmware or recovery flash.

Credits: The DFT Pro Tool's design and publication were done by the inventor. Thus, all the credit for freely sharing the technology goes to the developer.

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