Open Menu FMI OFF Tool Free Download 2024 Gsm Tool

Open Menu FMI Off - Quickly Turn Off iCloud Using LU Open Menu Tool and Elcomsoft - Disable FMI Right Away!

The "LU Open Menu Tool" and Elcomsoft are two free tools that you may use to turn off FMI on your iPhone, as I've demonstrated in this post. What is the procedure, and how might an OFF affect your FMI? comprehensive instructions are provided below the video; view the entire thing first before beginning.

Open Menu FMI OFF Tool Free Download 2024 Gsm Tool

You need to act swiftly on the following:

  1. To reduce the size of the backup, remove any photos and videos from the device.
  2. Establish a WiFi connection, switch off GameCenter, turn it back on, and then select Airplane mode.
  3. Create a backup using 3utools or iTunes, being sure to select the Encrypt local backup option.
  4. Export information from Elconsoft to the My Documents folder using the default file name.
  5. Press the button to remove.

Updated List!

Windows Tool Lu-Open Menu Version 1.0.5:

  • Game Center does not require a password to be turned on or off.
  • Discontinued devices are not supported.

New Features:

  • Elimination of the necessity for Elcomsoft or any other program, as well as the need for backups
  • Single-click Auto Eliminate.
  • Manually Remove Elcomsoft's Required XML
  • How to utilize: -Please utilize manual removal if you already added a backup password.
  • Remove every software, picture, and video.
  • Link the tool and your device together.
  • Ensure that iTunes is installed online rather than through the Microsoft Store.

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