Android Utility Tool V135 Latest Version Free Download 2024

Android Utility Tool V135 Latest Version Free Download 2024

The Android Utility Tool V135 is a powerful tool that allows users to unlock any MTK chipset with Auth bypass, including bootloader unlock, factory reset, and Frp reset. It can also unlock Huawei devices, including Adb Mode bootloaders, and factory resets. This tool is available for free download and offers a comprehensive solution for unlocking devices with various chipsets.

Android Utility Tool V135 Latest Version Free Download 2024

Android Utility Tool Features


Turn off EMI (Auth Dump Preloader) for the test point.
Preloader Crashing To Brother
Resume in AT Mode
Turn on Factory Mode Again
Go back to Fastboot Mode and restart
Examine Device Information [BootROM]
(eMMC / UFS) Examination of Health [BootROM]
Peruse [USER_SECTION] (eMMC/UFS) USB Dump (16MB)
Type [USER_SECTION] (eMMC/UFS). Unload (USB)
Turn off Orange State [BootROM]
Restore Orange State [BootROM]
Turn Off Dm-Verity [Initial BootROM]
Correct (Realme/OPPO) Error code [0x992566]: Download not completed
VIVO New Securities ReadInfo (FM) VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Force Bravo (MT6771/MT6765) Get out of BRom VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Take Out the Demo
OPPO MT6771 Force BRom (PL) [F7,F9]


ADB View Details
ADB Go back to Fastboot and restart
ADB Return to Recovery after rebooting
Rebooting ADB to EDL
ADB Restart the gadget
ADB Power-Down Instrument
ADB G-Lock Avoid ADB Factory Reset on Old Android Devices
Quickboot View Details
Quickboot Flash Partition
Quickboot Assign Slot [A] to Active.
Quickboot Assign the Active Slot [B].
Fix for Fastboot DM-Verity Inaccuracy
Get Out of Fastboot Mode
Xiaomi Turn on ADB Diag Install APK (Adb)
Typical Generic Fastboot Factory Reset Quickboot G-Lock Cleaning
Turn off Payjoy APP (ADB) Remove (MT6877T) the Vivo Demo
Remove Vivo Demo (AT)
Wireless Test Assistant mode, or RealME Turn off


Read Info for Samsung (MTP)
Samsung Read Details (DM)
Samsung Restart MTP to (DM)
Samsung Restart the DM to (DM)
F-Reset on Samsung (MTP)
Samsung ADB (MTP) Enabled
Samsung Turns on the New SEC (MTP) ADB.
[JUNE 2023] Samsung Enables ADB New SEC (MTP)
Change SN (ADB) for Samsung
Read EFS on Samsung (ADB)
Samsung EFS restoration (ADB)
Samsung NV-DATA Restore (ADB)

Samsung MTK

MTK Force BRom BL Samsung (DM)
PGPT (DM) Samsung MTK Force BRom
BL (FM) Samsung MTK PRELOADER Repair
CSC (FM) Samsung MTK GPT Repair [eMMC only]
Samsung Force BRom (FM) [SM-G532F]
Samsung [SM-G532F] Repairing Boots
Noteworthy [SM-A226B-B5] Samsung [SM-A326U-B7] Boot Repair Samsung [SM-A326U-B8] Boot Repair Repairing Boots
Samsung MTK PMT Rebulid (DM)
Samsung Exit BRom Model (FM)
Noteworthy [SM-A037F-B2] (CTRL SEC 0) Bootloader Unlock (FM)
Noteworthy [SM-A037F-B2] (CTRL SEC 0) FM Block Hosts
Noteworthy [SM-A037F-B2] Repairing Boots
[SM-A037U-B3] from Samsung Repairing Boots
Samsung [SM-A037F] (CTRL SEC 0) Samsung [SM-A042F] Clear RPMB (PRELOADER) (SEC CTRL 0) Get RPMB (PRELOADER) clear.
[SM-A226B] Samsung (SEC CTRL 0) Get RPMB (PRELOADER) clear.

MTK Xiaomi

Turn off OTA updates from Xiaomi [BootROM]
Turn on the Xiaomi OTA updates (BootROM).
Xiaomi 11T in agate Re-Lock the Xiaomi 11T's Bootloader (Agate) Unlock the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarro) bootloader. Re-Lock the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G Bootloader (pissarro) Unlock the Redmi Note's bootloader [11/11T] 5G (evergo) Redmi Note Bootloader Unlock [11/11T] 5G (evergo) Redmi Note Bootloader Re-Lock [12] PRO 5G (ruby) Unlock the Redmi Note's bootloader [12] PRO 5G (ruby) Re-Lock the Redmi 6A Bootloader (Cactus) Open the bootloader

How To Use  Android Utility Tool

First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
Run the " Android Utility Tool"
Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
Connect the phone and try to do any function
Enjoy !!!

Download Link:

Passwords: mfdl

Android Utility Tool V135 (Latest): Download

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