Oxygen Forensic Tool V16.3.0.135 Release Free Download 2024

Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest Version Free Download 2024

Oxygen Forensic V16.3.0.135 is the newest update coming here, Oxygen Forensic tool is a popular and powerful Windows software in the GSM sector, and you can use it totally free, Oxygen Forensic Suite is a software toolkit for digital forensic investigations, used by law enforcement, corporate security, and forensic experts for data extraction and interpretation.

Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest Version Free Download 2024
Oxygen Forensic Software V16.3.0.135 Latest Version Free Download 2024

Changes in version V16.3.0.135 (June 2024):


• Added malware scanning capability for extracted files.
• Oxygen Forensic Device Extractor: Extracts hardware keys and decrypts physical dumps of various Android devices.
• Saves extracted memory card dumps to E01 format.
• Skips device to Recovery mode during checkm8 extraction.
• Extracts communities from WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business via Android Agent.
• Updated extraction capabilities for WhatsApp, Zoom, and Telegram contacts.
• Improved screenshot functionality via Android Agent.
• Improved extraction from iPhone Xr to iPhone 13 running iOS 15.0 - 15.4.1.

Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor Features:

• Extracts polls via WhatsApp QR Multi-Device service.
• Extracts private and group chats from Steam.
• Authorizes via QR code in Steam.
• Updated authorization for Steam, OnlyFans, and My Parrot Cloud.
• Updated parsing of Telegram cloud chats.

Oxygen Forensic KeyScout Features:

• Searches plaintext files by file signature.
• Generates bug reports on Windows.
• Extract the list of installed applications from the NTUSER.dat file.
• Extracts package information from Pacman on GNU/Linux.
• Extracts supported applications from Arch Linux distribution.
• Extracts Transmission torrent client data from Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux.
• Extracts passwords from 1Password, DuckDuckGo browser, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Apple Weather, Spark, NordVPN, Facebook Messenger, AnyDesk, and Opera.
• Updated extraction of Facebook Messenger, Mail, and Calendar from Windows.

Facial Categorization:

  • Select specific files for facial categorization.

Translation and Import Updates:

• Support for multiple languages: Romanian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Urdu, Nepali, Hebrew.
• Imports and parses X archives and ULog logs of PX4-based drones.
• Imports physical dumps of Android devices with SDM665, SDM675, SDM730, SDM855 chipsets.
• Updated import of physical dumps of MTK-based devices with TEE T6.
• Parses additional device information from MD-NEXT extractions.
• Updated support for Instagram account copy.
• Improved support for UFDR files.


• Parsing over 600 new app versions from Apple iOS and Android devices.
• Parsing OS artifacts including SD card files, keyboard activity, and Control Center activity.
• Data parsing from Element, Signal, and WeChat.
• Updated parsing from X (Twitter) on Android and iOS, Facebook on Android and iOS, and BeReal on Apple iOS.
• Updated parsing from Google on Android devices.
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