New Update for EFT Pro Dongle: V4.7.4 Star Mobile Care 2024

Release of EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.4 Star Mobile Care 2024

New features have been added to the EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.4 for MTK and Qualcomm devices. A 2024 V5 patch for MTK is also included, along with support for the new 2023 models. Tecno & Infinix have also introduced the Auth V2 feature and factory reset for numerous models. Qualcomm supports the following phones: the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G, Honor Magic5 Lite 5G, and additional Honor phones (X30, X40, X8a 5G, X9 5G, X9a, and X9a 5G), in addition to the new Samsung Galaxy phones (F926, F936, F946, and G781 series).

New Update for EFT Pro Dongle V4.7.4 Star Mobile Care 2024
A previous version of the EFT Pro Dongle, V4.7.3, included several functionality for Samsung, SPD, and Infinix cellphones. With a QR code scan, Samsung device owners can now reset their Factory Reset Parameters (FRP). It is now possible for SPD device owners to fix IMEI numbers in Diag Mode. At last, Infinix device owners may now fix multiple devices' IMEIs with a single click.

What's Recently

Update V4.7.4 Build 001 for the EFT Pro Dongle is now available:

MTK Models Update

• New MTK 2023 V5 Patch 2024

• Tecno & infinix auth V2

• Read info


• Factory reset

• Flash

Qualcomm Models Addition


• Factory Reset

MTK Model Update:

• New V5 LT Mobile

• LT C3300-P10X

• LT C3800 Note 30

• LT M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M40, M50, M60


Infinix Smart HD 2021 MT6761

• Infinix Hot 7 MT6765

• Infinix S4 MT6726

• Infinix Smart 3 Plus MT6761

• Infinix Hot 8 MT6765

• Infinix S5 MT6765

• Infinix S5 lite MT6765

• Infinix Hot 9 MT6765

• Infinix Hot 9 Pro MT6765

• Infinix Smart 5 MT6761

• Infinix S5 Pro MT6765

• Infinix Smart 4 Plus MT6765

• Infinix Smart 3 MT6761

• Infinix Smart 4 MT6761

• Infinix Hot 11 Play MT6765

• Infinix Hot 20i MT6765

• Infinix Note 6 MT6765

• Infinix Hot 12 Play MT6765

• Infinix Smart 6 Plus MT6765

• Infinix Hot 30 Play NFC MT6765

• Infinix Hot 30i MT6765

Tecno Camon Product Overview

• Camon 11 and 12 Air MT6761.

• Camon iACE2 and iACE2X MT6761.

• Pop 3 Plus, Pop 5 Pro, Pop 6 Pro, Pop 7 Pro MT6761.

• Pouvoir 3 Air, Pouvoir 4 MT6761.

• Spark 3 Pro, Spark 4 Lite, Spark 5 MT6761.

• Spark Go MT6761, Go 2023 MT6761.

• Spark 6 Air MT6761.

• Phantom 9 MT6765.

• Spark 10 KI5q MT6765.

• Camon 15 Pro MT6765.

Samsung Adds Qualcomm Models

• Samsung F926B U5, GF926U U4, F926U1 U4, F926BR U5, F926W U4, F926XU U4.

• Samsung F936B, F936BR, F936U, F936U1, F936W, F936XU U3.

• Samsung F946B, F946U, F946W, F946XU U1.

• Samsung G781B, G781BR, G781U, G781U1, G781W, G781XU UC.

Honor 5G Devices Overview

• Honor Magic4 Lite 5G

• Honor Magic5 Lite 5G

• Honor X30

• Honor X40

• Honor X8a 5G

• Honor X9 5G

• Honor X9a

Previous version:

The EFT Pro Dongle's update V4.7.3 Build 001 is currently accessible:


Qualcomm Models Update

• Reset FRP

• Factory Reset

SM-A426U U7

SM-A426U1 U7

SM-A426W U7

SM-A426XU U7


SM-A526U1 UA



SM-A716U U9

SM-A716U1 U9

SM-A716W U9

SM-A716XU U9

SM-A736B U5

SM-A736BR U5

SM-F711B U6

SM-F711BR U6

SM-F711U U6

SM-F711U1 U6

SM-F711W U6

SM-F711XU U6

SM-F721B U4

SM-F721BR U4

SM-F721U U3

SM-F721U1 U3

SM-F721W U3

SM-F721XU U3

SM-F731B U3

SM-F731BR U3

SM-F731U U3

SM-F731U1 U3

SM-F731W U3

SM-F731XU U3

SM-F916U U2

SM-F916U1 U2

SM-F916W U2

SM-F916XU U2

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.2 Build 001 Release:

[EFRP] Tecno/Infinix Reset 2024 (BETA)

• MTP & USB reset.

Samsung Updates:

• Added BYPASS Knox/MDM (QR Code)

• Reset Tecno/Infinix FRP (2024) (MTP & USB)

Previous update:

New Update for EFT Pro Dongle V4.7.4 Star Mobile Care 2024

The EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.1 Build 001 is now available.

Samsung G990B Reset Frp QR Code

• BETA feature.

SPD Diag Repair for Infinix Smart 7 HD X6516

• Enhanced IMEI repair capabilities.

New Update for EFT Pro Dongle V4.7.4 Star Mobile Care 2024

EFT Pro Dongle Feature of the Previous Version

MTK Updates

• New design and easy menu.

• Supports Forced BROM (methods 1), 2), and without Test Point.

• Supports Samsung forced BROM (PIT Method).

• Supports writing Huawei, Samsung, Oppo/Realme, EMMC Dump firmware.

• Supports Vivo MT6765 PreLoader.

• Supports direct unlock network MTK (BROM).

Support for MDM Lock in Vivo

• Support for MDM lock disabled for 2020 to Up, 2019 to Y15S PD2140EF.

• Support for disabling demo mode and orange msg.

• Updates for Samsung, Oppo, and MTK devices.

• Support for Factory Reset/FRP Reset/Write Firmware.

• Updates for Samsung (TAR) Firmware.

• Support for MTK (V6) Protocol.

• Free Auth for Infinix/Tecno/itel.

• Support for Models on V6 Protocol.

• Added Network Security 2020/2021 BROM and Repair IMEI Generic (MT67XX) BROM.

Samsung Updates

• Added Repair Network Security 2022 BROM.

• Added Read IMEI.

• Added Network Security 2020/2021 BROM and Repair IMEI Generic (MT67XX) BROM.

• Forced BROM Samsung Download Mode.

• Added OPPO MT6771 Auth Free.

• Added Samsung Auth Free for various devices.

• Updated GENERIC MTK V5 and 2023.

• Added META Read Info and META Factory Reset for all MTK CPUs.

META Factory Reset Updates

• Added META Factory Reset MT62XX.

• Added META Repair IMEI for all MTK CPUs.

• Added META Mode for all models with Auth.

• Added MTK Preloader.

• Added Samsung Brom Models.

• Added META Read Info.

• Added META Factory Reset Direct.

• Added Enable/Disable Backup.

SPD Updates

• Supports models above 200+.

• Includes factory reset and FRP reset.

• Added write PAC firmware for all SPD.

• Enables diag mode entry and factory reset.

• Adds RSA AUTH for various devices.

• Includes Spd Fix Wireless Test Assistant.

"FRP/Factory Reset Updates"

• Added Info Boot Mode.

• Added Read Flash/Format Disk/Write Disk.

• Added Network Unlock Boot Mode.

• Added Repair IMEI Boot Mode.

• Added Remove MDM Boot Mode.

• Added New Boot SPD V2 and GENERIC SPD V1.

Samsung Android 13 Updates

• Fix Exynos Boot Beta.

• bypass Knox Samsung Adb.

• bypass Knox Samsung MTP.

• remove FRP Direct 2023.

• enable ADB with Call Emergency #0#.

Qualcomm Updates

• Enabled Diag Mode Without Root.

• Added New List (Qualcomm New).

• Added Factory Reset/FRP Service.

• Supported Qualcomm devices.

• Updated Qualcomm Protocol for more devices and brands.

• Repaired Oppo Reno Devices Read Chip Info.

Qualcomm Device Updates

• Unlock ID (Huawei)

• Reset FRP/UserData Use Firmware (Vivo/Other)

• Support for Qualcomm devices

• Factory Reset/FRP for Qualcomm devices

• Add Read flash

• Repair damaged chip

• Update ID removal

• Fix old loader

• Support Automatic Loader

• Add new device ALCATEL/TCL

Apple iOS Updates

• Added BOOT PASSCODE/HELLO IOS 16.4 for iPhone 8/8+/X and IPAD.

• Generated activation files for iOS 15.x/16.x.

• Fixed Boot Passcode/Hello IOS 15.x/16.x (IPAD/iPhone).

• Mounted Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x.

• Read Account from Backup Folder.

• Changed Test Signed Drivers to ON.

• Read iDevice Info (Recovery Mode).

• Built-in Automatic Active Backup Restore with One Click.

Apple iOS Updates

• Supports recovery and DFU.

• Saves info to text file during backup or reading.

• Restores Passcode with Disable Update/Reset.

• Adds option to format or restart if backup completes.

• Enables IPWNDER to restart in the event of an error.

• Added jailbreak backup Apple with info.

• Added Disable Update/Reset/Skip Setup (One Click).

Rockchip Update

• Read/Write Flash

• Factory Reset & Frp

EFT PRO Dongle Update V4.7.4 Download

• Enhanced security features.

EFT Pro Dongle Updates:

• V4.7.1 Download

V4.7.0 Download

• V4.7.2 Download

V4.7.3 Download

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