Download Data Unlocker New Tool for Free (Paid) 2024

Download Data Unlocker New Tool for Free (Paid) 2024

A programme called Data Unlocker Tool claims to be able to unlock and fix Android devices (versions 6 through 13) with any bit version and from any carrier. With only one click, it promises to accomplish a number of tasks, such as flashing, enabling factory mode, FRP bypass, repair, CSC conversion, code reading, KG and MDM removal, and code reading. The most recent update allowed for bug fixes and the direct unlocking of new security patch models from some Samsung phones.

Download Data Unlocker New Tool for Free (Paid) 2024


  • Flash-Enable Factory Mode-Unlock-FRP-Repair-Convert CSC-Read Code-Take Out KG And MDM
  • Entire Android (6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13) is supported.
  • Encouraged Every Carrire
  • backed up every bit
  • Only One Click

What's New

New security patch model direct unlocking with user prompt is now supported (needs asking for unlock code)

Samsung phones that are supported:

  • SM-A136W (For every carrier)
  • SM-A136S (For every carrier)
  • SM-A136M (For every carrier)
  • SM-A136B (For every carrier)
  • SM-A225F (For every carrier)
  • SM-A315G (for every carrier)
  • SM-A315F (For every carrier)
  • SM-A325F (For every carrier)
  • SM-A325M (For every carrier)
  • SM-A325N (For every carrier)
  • SM-E426B (For every carrier)
  • SM-A215U/U1 (ATT, BAA, CHA Carrier) + More..

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    Fixes for bugs

File Download

  • File Name: Data Unlocker 0.4.2
  • File Size: 79.8 MB
  • Developer: Data Unlocker
  • Source: Website
  • Free or Paid: Paid

Download: Data Unlocker 0.4.2

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