TURBO Service Mobile Tool v1.0.6 Build. Gsm Tool 2024

Released Is Tsm Turbo Service Mobile Pro 1.0.6. 2024

TURBO Service Mobile Tool v1.0.6 Build. Gsm Tool 2024

New Samsung Edl Loaders Added:- 

  • Samsung A526u 
  • Galaxy A52 
  • Galaxy A71 5g (Sm-A716u) Bit10 
  • Galaxy Z Flip3 5g (Sm-F711u) Bit9
  • Galaxy Z Flip4 (Sm-F721b) Bit5 
  • Galaxy Z Flip4 (Sm-F721u) Bit4 
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5g (Sm-F926b) Bit3 - Sm-F926b 
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5g (Bit4) Sm-F926u 
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5g (Bit5) 
  • Galaxy Z Fold4 (Sm-F936u) Bit4 
  • Galaxy S10e (Sm-G970u) Bit3 
  • Galaxy S10 (Sm-G973u) Bit7 
  • Galaxy S10+ (Sm-G975u) Bit7 
  • Galaxy S20 5g (Sm-G981u) Bit7 
  • Galaxy S20+ 5g (Sm-G986u) Bit7 Bit7-Sg-G988u,
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5g 
  • Galaxy S21 5g (Sm-G991u) Bit7 
  • Galaxy S21+ 5g (Sm-G996u) Bit9 
  • Galaxy S21+ 5g (Sm-G996u) Bit8 
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g (Sm-G998u) - Bit9 
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g (Sm-G998u)
  • Bit8 Galaxy Note10 (Sm-N970u) Bit9 
  • Galaxy Note10+ (Sm-N975u) 
  • Galaxy Note7 
  • Galaxy Note10+ (Sm-N975u) Bit7 Sm-N981u Bit2
  • Galaxy Note20 5g Bit8

V1.0.6 | Date: April 20, 2024 

New Models And Techniques Were Added 4g

  • Added Samsung's Whole 5g Beta
  • Added Every 5g Xiaomi (Beta)
  • Added Every 5g Motorola (Beta)
  • Complete 4g Motorola[Beta] Added

Lt Open Diagnostic Menu [Ims/Diag] Was Added.

  • Enable Motorola Diagnostics [Fastboot] Has Been Added.
  • Disable Mi Ota Update [Mediatek] Has Been Added.
  • Enhancements To The 4g Cdma/Volte Auto Detect Diagnostic Port Numerous Small Issues Are Fixed In The Samsung Flasher Gui And Protocol.

Tsm Overview Of The New Build⭐️⭐️ Released Is Turbo Service Mobile Pro 1.0.5 ⭐️⭐️ 

  • #Tsm_pro Added Button For Replacing The Sim (Force) 4g Brought New Models. 4ggalaxy A6 Sm-A6200 On 5 Sm-G5528, 5 Sm-G5510, 5 Sm-G5520, And Galaxy A52 Sm-A525f
  • Galaxy A52 Sm-A525m
  • A716v Galaxy A71 5g Uw
  • Lg V20 Ls997 Lg V40 V405.
  • Lg V60 Thinq 5g V600tm Lt P40 Lt P9 Lt P9i Lt P20 Resolve Installation Of 4g Bug Resolve Numerous Small Bugs

Released On January 4, 2024, The Turbo Service Mobile Utility V1.0.0 Is A Potent Utility That Assists Users In Resolving A Wide Range Of Problems With Android Mobile Devices. This Update Contains Something For Every User, Regardless Of Experience Level.

Turboservicemobile V1.0.4 | April 8, 2024, 23:48 

Release Date Of Tsm Tool Pro V1.0.4: 2024/04/09 

Other Mtk Devices:-

  • Added Remove Oppo/Realme Mdm Added Remove Orange State Added Remove Tecno Mdm 
  • Added Remove Samsung Kg To Active Added Remove Samsung Mdm Delete Beta[Edl]
  1. Samsung Open Ims [Shortcut] Was Added.
  2. Samsung Open Ims [Sidekey] Was Added.

New 4g Models: Auto/Manual Installer; Auto-Lte Band Enablement

- Auto Sim Preparation [Install]


  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5g Sm-N986u 
  • Galaxy Note10+ 5g Sm-N976v 
  • Galaxy Note10+ 5g Sm-N976u 
  • Galaxy Note10+ Sm-N975u 
  • Galaxy Note10+ Sm-N9750 
  • Galaxy Note10 Sm-N970u 
  • Galaxy Note9 Sm-N960u 
  • Galaxy Note9 Sm-N9600 
  • Galaxy Note8 Sm-N950u 
  • Galaxy Note8 Sm-N9500 
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g Sm-G998u 
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g Sm-G998w 
  • Galaxy S21+ 5g Sm-G996u 
  • Galaxy S21 5g Sm-G991u 
  • Galaxy S21 Fe 5g Sm-G990u 
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5g Sm-G988u 
  • Galaxy S20 Fe 5g Sm-G781u 
  • Galaxy S10 5g Sm-G977u 
  • Galaxy S10 Sm-G973u 
  • Galaxy S10e Sm-G970u 
  • Galaxy S9 Sm-G960u 
  • Galaxy S9+ Sm-G965u 
  • Galaxy S8 Sm-G9500 
  • Galaxy S8+ Sm-G955u 
  • Galaxy S8 Sm-G950u 
  • Galaxy S7 Edge 
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5g Sm-F926u 
  • Galaxy A70s Sm-G935v 
  • Galaxy S7 Sm-G930v 
  • Galaxy S7 Sm-G930p 
  • Galaxy A02s Sm-A7070 
  • Galaxy A42 5g Sm-A426u 
  • Galaxy A11 Sm-S115dl 
  • Galaxy A11 Sm-A025u 
  • Galaxy A11 Sm-A115a


  • Y7 Prime (2018) 2019's Ldn-L21 Y7 Pro Dub-Lx2 Y7 In 2019. Y6 Prime Dub-Lx1 (2018) Atu-L31 8c Bkk-Lx2 


  • Every Vivo

Xiaomi And Redmi:

Redmi Note 12 (China) Note 13 5g Garnet Redmi Note Sky_in Redmi Sunstone Redmi Note 12r Redwood Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed Remember 11 Pro 5g Veux Redmi Note 9 Pro 5g Gauguinpro Reducione Lavender Redmi Note 7; Ginkgo Note 8

Ingres Redmi K50 Gaming Inges 12 5g River Redmi K30 Phoenixin Redmi K30 Phoenix Redmi 10a Redmi Sky 9t Lime Redmi Redmi 8a Olivelite 8 Olive

  • Mi 11 Ultra Marble
  • Mi 11 Ultra Star
  • Mi 8 Lite Platina Civi 2 Violet Mi 10t Lite Gauguin


  • Lm-G820um


  • Ldn-L21 Atu-L31 Dub-Lx2 Dub-Lx1


  • xt2131dl, xt2131, xt2117, xt2115, xt2113, xt2093, xt2052dl, xt2043, xt1924-7, xt1955dl, xt1924, xt 1919dl

As Well As More

  • Key Services For Tsm Turbo Service Mobile Tool
  • The Following Potent Services Are Now Part Of The Turbo Service Mobile Tool: 
  • Released Is Turbo Service Mobile Pro 1.0.2 Tsm Pro

New Devices Added By Samsung:

  • S24, S24+, S24 Ultra, S23, S23+, 
  • S23 Ultra, S22, S22+, 
  • S22 Ultra, And More.-.

Remove Frp, Factory Reset, Flash Debugging, Readback, And Kg

  • Sm-S921u Bit1
  • Sm-S926u Bit1
  • Sm-S928b Bit1
  • Sm-S928u Bit1
  • Sm-S9010 Bit4
  • Sm-S901u Bit4
  • Sm-S906e Bit7
  • Sm-S906u Bit3
  • Sm-S916n Bit2
  • Sm-S916w Bit2
  • Sm-S918n Bit2
  • Sm-S918u Bit2
  • Sm-A057f Bit2
  • Sm-A235f Bit4
  • Sm-A236e Bit5
  • Sm-A236u Bit4
  • Sm-A236w Bit4
  • Sm-A525f Bit6
  • Sm-A526b Bit6
  • Sm-A705f Bit5
  • Sm-A705mn Bit5
  • Sm-A705y Bit3
  • Sm-A715f Bit3
  • Sm-A716w Bit9
  • Sm-A725f Bit6
  • Sm-A736b Bit6
  • Sm-F721b Bit5
  • Sm-F721u Bit4
  • Sm-F731b Bit1
  • Sm-F731u Bit1
  • Sm-F916u Bit2
  • Sm-F926n Bit2
  • Sm-F926u Bit5
  • Sm-F936b Bit4 (2)
  • Sm-F936b Bit4
  • Sm-F936n Bit2
  • Sm-F936u Bit4
  • Sm-F946b Bit1
  • Sm-F946u Bit1
  • Sm-G780g Bit8
  • Sm-G781b Bit8
  • Sm-G781u-U1 Bite
  • Sm-G781v Bitb
  • Sm-G970u-U1 Bit9
  • Sm-G970w Bit9
  • Sm-G973u-U1 Bit9
  • Sm-G973w Bit9
  • Sm-G975w Bit9
  • Sm-G981u Bit8
  • Sm-G986u Bit8
  • Sm-G988u Bit8
  • Sm-G990b Bit6
  • Sm-G991u Bita
  • Sm-G996u-U1 Bita
  • Sm-G998u-U1 Bita
  • Sm-M145f Bit1
  • Sm-N970u Bit8
  • Sm-N976v Bit8
  • Sm-N981u-U1 Bit6
  • Sm-S711u Bit2
  • Sm-T505 Bit3
  • Sm-X210 Bit1
  • Sm-X216b Bit1
  • Sm-X900 Bit5
  • Sm-G975u Bit9
  • Sm-S918b Bit3
  • Sm-S916u Bit2
  • Sm-S911u Bit2
  • Sm-G990u Bit9

Read-Write-Erase Partitions; Factory Reset; Factory Reset; Remove Samsung Kg; Flash; Read Xml Firmware; Added Qualcomm Protocol

  • Ignore Systemui [Screenlock Beta]
  • - Install Screenlock Beta And Restore Systemui.
  • Daily Updates Database; Online Datebase Auto Loaders; Remove Screenlock; Read Pattern; And So On 

Added Mtk Protocol: - 

  • Bypass Mi-Account - Factory Reset - Remove Hwid - Read Scatter - Flash - Remove Frp Read-Write-Erase Rpmb – Read-Write-Erase Partitions – Adjust Kg Samsung - Samsung Insists On Brom

Support Almost Mtk Chips

  • Metrics: Mt6739 Mt6739w Mt6761 Mt6763 Mt6761v Mt6762 Mt6765 Mt6768 Mt6771 Mt6779 Mt6785
  • Around A Thousand Models Were Supported

Tsm Tool: Updated Version 1.0.1 

  • The Release Of Tsm Tool V1.0.1 Is Something We Are Thrilled To Announce. This Update, Which Is Dated March 12, 2024, Improves Your Android Experience With A Number Of New Features.

What's New 

Frp Bypass (2024 Usa) 

  • A Function Called Frp Bypass Has Been Added For Usa Firmwares.
  • The Models That Are Supported Include A037u,
  • A135u, A146u, A505u, A515u, G988u, G990u,
  • G990u2, G991u, G996u, G986u, G998u, S901u,
  • S908u, S911u, S916u, S918u, N981u, N986u,
  • F711u, F731u, F946u, F926u, And F721u.

Samsung Flasher 

Partial Flashing And Automated Firmware Selection Are Now Possible With The Samsung Flasher. It Has The Ability To Read Data From Fw, Load One Or More Fw, And Choose Or Deselect Every Fw.

Bootloader Lock/Unlock 

Almost All Mtk Processors, Including Those From Alcatel, Lg, Zte, Xiaomi, And Other Brands, Now Have Support For Bootloader Unlocking And Relocking. These Mtk Chips Are Compatible With The Following: Mt6739, Mt6739w, Mt6761, Mt6763, Mt6761v, Mt6762, Mt6765, Mt6768, Mt6771, Mt6779, And Mt6785.

Application Manager 

Apps With Their Names And Icons Can Now Be Loaded By The App Manager, Together With User And System Apps, Disabled And Enabled Apps. It Can Install Apks, Collect Activity, Enable/Disable Apps, Delete App Data, Uninstall Apps, Dump Apps From The Phone, And Remove Apps From Usa Carriers.

Script Supervisor 

You May Transmit At/Dm Commands, Add Sleeps On Demand, Auto-Detect Ports, Auto-Save Your Modifications, And Remove Or Save Your Scripts With The Script Manager. 


With The Addition Of A Few Us Airlines, Csc Change Has Improved. The Cancel Button Has Also Been Enhanced To Enable Halting More Functions. Numerous Other Features Have Also Been Enhanced. 

Make Contact With Us 

On Facebook, Youtube, And Telegram, Come And Join Our Community. For Additional Details, You May Also Visit Our Website. 

#Tool #Tsm #Tsm 

Tsm Turbo Service 2024 Lg Services Mobile Tool: 

  • Diag Menu Open
  • Launch The Factory Reset [Modem] Apn Settings.
  • Take Out The Frp [Mtk]
  • Diag Menu Open Quickly Access Hidden Menu
  • Reset Factory [Serial]
  • Reset Security (Download)
  • Factory Reset [Link To Download]
  • Take Out Frp [Download] For Upcoming Models The Following Are The Lg-X320pm, Lg-Sp200, Lg-Sp320, Lg-Q710pl, Lg-Q710al, Lm-X220pm, Lg-Q710p, Lm-X410p, Lm-X410pm, Lm-X410bcw, Lm-X410btw, Lm-X410eo, Lm-X410eow, Lm-X410fc, Lm-X410fcw, The Following Lg Models: Lg-Q710baw, Lg-Q710em, Lg-Q710fa, Lg-Q710fm, Lg-Q710hs, Lg-Q710gx, Lg-Q710hsw, Lg-Q710naw, Lg-Q710yaw, Lg-Q710baw, Lg-Q710ybw, Lg-X230, Lg-X320p

Samsung Tsm Services: 

  • Modify Csc To Avoid Frp (Mtp)
  • Diag Menu Open
  • To Access Ims Settings, Open Preconfig.
  • Access Apn Configuration.

Services Provided By Xiaomi:

  • [Bat] Flash Stock Firmware
  • Turn On Diag Generic Offline
  • Turn On Diag Generic Using Root
  • View Details [Sideload]
  • Data Wipe [Sideload]

Motorola Providers: [Quickstart]

  • Firmware For Flash Stock [Xml]
  • View Details Factory Reset: Reset Frp [Unlocked Bl]

Qualcomm Universal Services:

  • Efs Explorer [Write, Delete, Read, And Explore]
  • Access And Modify Nv Data (Nv/Nvf/Qcn)
  • Write Or Read Qcn
  • Imei/Meid/Esn/Spc Qcn Patch
  • Examine And Reset The Spc

Highlights Of The Tsm Turbo Service Mobile Tool 

  • Free Login: There Is No Cost For Users To Access The Turbo Service Mobile Tool V1.0.0.
  • Fix For Imei-Related Issues: The Programme Makes It Simple For Customers To Resolve Imei-Related Issues.
  • Premium Features Are Free To Use: The Tool Gives Consumers Free Access To Premium Features.

Download Link;-

Tsm Turbo Service Mobile Tool v1.0.0.

Installation Guidelines 

  1. The Downloaded Files Must Be Unzipped To Your C: Drive For Best Performance.
  2. Turn Off Your Antivirus Software Before Installing. 
  3. Open The Extracted Folder And Run The Setup File. 

Never Forget That The Turbo Service Mobile Tool Is An Invaluable Ally For All Of Your Mobile Repair Needs.

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