PL Tool V1.0 For Qualcomm, MediaTek Unlock Free Download

PL Tool V1.0 For Free Download Qualcomm, MediaTek

The PL Tool V1.0 is a tool designed to format and unlock FRP for various devices, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, and Tecno MTK. It supports various modes, including auto loading, reset, erase FRP, erase, firmware flash, and Mi account removal.
PL Tool V1.0

Features of PL Tool V1.0:

Qualcomm Flash:

  • Transition Your Device to 9008 Mode
  • Auto Loader
  • Reset
  • Erase FRP
  • Erase
  • Optional – Auto Loader
  • Firmware Flash – Choose
  • Remove Mi

Qualcomm [OPPO 9008 Mode]:

Userlock and FRP Lock Models Supported include:
Oppo A31, A33, A33M, A33W, A37, A37f, A37fw, ASI, AS3, A53T, AS2M, AS7, A71(CPH1801), A77-A77T, Fl, FIF, F3Plus, RI, R9S, R9 Plus, R9S Plus, X9006, R9st, A71k, R7S Plus, X9079, A71, R7 Plus

VIVO 9008 Mode:

Remove User Lock, Remove FRP Lock, VIVO ACCOUNT Remove for models:
Vivo VI, VS, V5Plus, V7, V7P1us, vg, VI 1, Y51, Y51L PD1510F, Yil, Y73, Y75s, Y79, Y91, Y93, Y51, Y53, Y55, Y55L, Y55s, Y85, X9, X9Plus, Y65, Y66, Y66i, Z3, Y95, VII, Y7

Huawei 9008 Mode:

Remove FRP Lock for models:
Honor 7A(AUM-AIOO), Honor 7A(AUM-A120), Huawei Y6 Prime(ATU-L42), Huawei Y7 Prime, Huawei Y7 Pro(DBU-LX2 & DBU-L22), Honor BKK-LX2

MediaTek Functions:

  • Format Userdata(New Model)
  • Safe Format (Old Model)
  • OPPO Fls(and many oppo models)
  • Write Userdata (Fix Oppo Auto Recovery)
  • Reset Frp Lock (Google Account Lock)
  • Erase  Samsung Frp Lock
  • Xiaomi Account Bypass
  • Bootloader Unlock
  • ReLock Bootloader
  • Fix Dm-verification
  • Flash User data
  • Mi Account ByPass Note4 = Note3
  • Backup Restore Network File
PL Tool V1.0 Free Download

OPPO, VIVO, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Tecno MTK:

Safe Format and Unlock FRP for models:

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