Halabtech Tool - FRP FLAHS UNLOCK MTP FREE - All Versions One Click Repair 2024

Halabtech Tool - FRP FLAHS UNLOCK MTP FREE - All Versions One Click Repair 2024

You can easily unlock/relock the bootloader, flash firmware, remove screen lock (with or without root), install languages, repair IMEI, repair SN, reset Samsung efs, repair DRK, and activate Huawei ADB through MTP with Halabtech Tool, a free one-click multi-mobile repair toolkit. You can use it from any Android phone via EDL, Download, ADB, Fastboot, and MTP mode. 

Halabtech Tool - FRP FLAHS UNLOCK MTP FREE - All Versions One Click Repair 2024

The Halabtech tool v1.1 latest version and all previous setups are available for download below, so if you're looking for an all-in-one functional and FRP utility to fix your phone in most situations, you've come to the right place. 

The Halabtech Tool is quite easy to use. Simply launch it on your computer, connect your phone in Download/EDL/ADB/Fastboot Mode, and then select Unlock/Repair/Flash. That's all there is to it.

Any Android phone running Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Pie 9.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, 10 Q, 11 and, most crucially, Android 12 can make use of the tool without cost. 

Google includes the new File Recovery Pro capability in all recent Android versions. Factory reset protection, or FRP, is a shorthand for the safeguarding of Android users' privacy and personal information against theft. Every new Android phone and version has a different method for unlocking the FRP security. So, to prevent the FRP protection lock, constantly keep your Gmail account information in mind. 

How to Set Up Windows Halabtech Tools

  • Extract the Halabtech FRP Tool v1.0 from its download to your PC.
  • Launch the Halabtech Tool V1.0.exe application on your PC.
  • Select Next.
  • Watch for the installation process to conclude once it starts. 
  • Navigate to "Start HalabTech Tool V1.0" and click "Finish."
  • Opening the tool will take some time.
  • That is all.

How to Utilize Tool HalabTech V1.0

  1. From the desktop shortcut, launch the FRP Tool HalabTech v1.0.
  2. Turn off your Android phone now.
  3. Set it up in the MTK VCom mode, download it, then connect the USB.
  4. When you use the tool, the options indicated below will appear.

MTP-FRP Functions Overview:

• YouTube:

• Browser:

• Hidden Settings (Galaxy Store):

• Maps:

Rom Beta: Access/Restore

How HTC Operates:

  • ADB Configuration
  • Access ADB, || Active language (No Root)
  • Reset the FRP ADB
  • Return to Standard Mode after rebooting
  • Go back to the Fastboot Mode and reboot
  • Enter Recovery Mode after rebooting

Quickboot Configuration:

  • View Details
  • Obtain Token
  • Restart Bootloader
  • Rebooting RUU, Locking the Bootloader, Rebooting Fastboot (not ADB), FRP Fastboot, Rebooting Normal (OS) Resume in Download Mode
  • Put IMEI in writing.
  • Open The bootloader
  • ROM Flash.zip
  • Quick Repair

Xiaomi Features:

ADB Configuration:

  • View details || Turn on Diag (Root)
  • FRP (ADB) reset || Diag enabled (no ROOT)
  • Return to Standard Mode after rebooting
  • Go back to the Fastboot Mode and reboot
  • Toggle between Recovery Mode and Mi Account (ADB) reboots.
  • Xiaomi Disables Update Through TWRP || Xiaomi Permanently Disables Mi Account (ADB)
  • Switch on Diag Root (New)
  • Quick Boot Mode:
  • View Details
  • Go over Security

MTK (Alpha) Uses:

Manual: DA Author of the File Scatter: Huawei JAT-XXX =>> Choose the Huawei AMN-XXX model =>> Choose the Huawei MRD-XXX model =>> Choose the Huawei KSA-XXX model. =>> Choose Model || Format || Reset FRP

Qualcomm Features: Read | Delete | Delete FRP | Delete MDM Flash | Delete | Delete Eraser | Backup |

Functions of Android:

  • Read Information ll active lang (No Root) in ADB
  • Reset the Frp Arabic 6.X-7.XX-8.X X(No Root) will be added via ADB.
  • Micromax Frp ADB Mode will activate it and install more locales. ADB (Second Method)
  • To download mode ll, restart. Reset the root lock.
  • Enter Recovery Mode by Rebooting Lock screen removal with ADB (No Root)
  • Restart in Normal Mode Reset by the factory
  • Install the Apk for MagiskManagerv7.2.0.

Android FastBoot Functions

  • Read Info: Reboot Bootloader.
  • ReIock Bootloader: Reboot EDL.
  • FRP Fastboot Method 1: Wipe Data/Cache.
  • Remove Spd FRP: Wipe Data.
  • Remove Qualcomm FRP, Xiaomi FRP, Lenevo FRP, Moto FRP, YUFORIA FRP.

Android TWRP Functions

  • ADB Recovery TWRP
  • Read Info
  • Reset Lock
  • ADB Sideload TWEP
  • Installation of MAGISK V20.4
  • Installation of Magisk v19.3
  • Flash ZIP

Huawei Functions:

  • Test Point: {Refresh}
  • CPU Selection: Model
  • Fastboot Load & Info Reading
  • FRP Reset
  • Start/Stop Functions

Huawei ADB Mode Functions

"Read Info, Enable All Languages"

  • Enable all languages (root).
  • Reset Frp ADB.
  • Reboot to Normal, Fastboot, Recovery Mode.
  • Remove DEMO (no root).
  • Patch ROOT Android 9.

Huawei FastBoot Mode Functions:

  • Read Info
  • Get Token
  • Reboot Fastboot(Non-ADB)
  • Relock Bootloader
  • Read Info build number
  • Check Bootloader state
  • Reset FRP by code
  • Write Root
  • Flash Recovery.

Samsung Functions Overview

  • • Read Info: Active lang (No Root)
  • • Reset Frp ADB: Add Arabic 6.X-7.XX-8.X. X (No Root)
  • • Remove Samsung account: Enable ALL lang (Root)
  • • Reboot to Normal Mode: Reset lock (Root)
  • • Reboot to Recovery Mode: Remove security notice (No Root)
  • • Fix flash error: Enable Mobile Data icon (Root)
  • • Erase FRP lock: Remove Lock screen by ADB (No Root)
  • • Read Info: Run service (Root)
  • • Call to 111: Factory Reset (Root)
  • • Choose from options and start.

Halabtech Tool v1.0 Download

• Easy to download.

• Exclusively available for Windows platform.

Halabtech Tool for PC:

  • File name: Halabtech_Tool_for_PC.zip
  • Size: 195MB
  • Type:.zip
  • Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP
  • Credit: AmmerGSM


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