TFM QC Tool V1.7.0 (Beta 14) Crack By Ram Sewak Free Download

TFM QC Tool V1.7.0 (Beta14) Crack is available for free download, requiring a running GCT Pack on a Windows computer. This tool allows users to unlock flash or bypass FRP lock-like features on Qualcomm base devices. However, it has limitations as it works offline and auto-updates when connected to the internet.

Features of TFM QC Tool Crack:

  • Read/Flash
  • Single Program
  • Multi program
  • Custom Patch and Program File
  • Safe IMEI Will Flash (Tick this option)
  • Flash VIVO (Special Method)
  • Dump and Flasher

Read & Reset Options:

  • Read Info
  • Reset FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Reset FRP (Android 11 
  • Demo Reset (Vivo)

EFS & Security Options:

  • Restore EFS
  • Reset EFS
  • Backup EFS
  • EFS Reset(Vivo)

Special Operations:

  • Reset Mi Accounts
  • Demo Remove (Vivo) OS 10

Xiaomi Special:

  • Mi Cloud Relock Fix
  • Reboot To EDL Via Server
  • Read Info (Assistant Mode)
  • Reboot Edl
  • Reset Frp And Wipe Data (Assistant Mode)
  • Hard Reset/ Wipe Data (Assistant Mode)

VIVO Special

  • Vivo Fastboot Jobs
  • Read Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Frp Reset
  • EFS Reset
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader
  • Demo Remove
  • Demo Remove
  • Reboot to edl
  • Reboot to edl

Diag Operation

  • Enable Multisim
  • SPC Code
  • Restore QCN
  • Backup QCN


  • Storage: EMMC, UFS
  • Reboot after job
  • VIVO Auth

TFM QC Tool Crack Installation Guide

  1. • Download guide and install TFT QC Tool.
  2. • Run Ramsevak loader in global cracking team folder.
  3. • Open TFM QC Tool, login to main interface.
  4. • Enter username RAMSEVAK9180@GMAIL.COM and password Ramsevak9180.
  5. • If stuck, reconnect internet and disconnect.
  6. • Enjoy crack.
TFM QC Tool V1.7.0 (Beta 14) Crack Download

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