Download OnePlus 12 Unbrick Fix Tool 2024

Download OnePlus 12 Unbrick Fix Tool 2024
The OnePlus 12 Unbrick Tool Is A Convenient Utility That Can Unbrick The Device In Fastboot Mode And Convert It Into Any Desired Firmware.


  • Use At Your Own Risk.

It Will Wipe all user data. Avoid All The Errors That Are Just Because The Tool Tries To Execute All The Available Files in EDL ROM (This Will Not Affect The Flash).

EDL File Usage Guide

  1. Unlock Bootloader.
  2. Download And Extract Program.
  3. Extract the ROM file, No Space In Path.
  4. Run The Program And Click The Unbrick/Convert Button.
  5. Locate the Images Folder From EDL ROM.
  6. Plug The Phone In Bootloader Mode.
  7. Wait 10-15 Minutes For Program Success.
  8. Select English, Format Data, And Reboot.

Download the OnePlus 12 Unbrick Fix Tool 2024

OnePlus 12 Flash File,  OPPO Server | China Server

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