EFT Pro Dongle New Update V4.7.3 2024 Free Download Gsm Official Tool

EFT Pro Dongle Version 4.7.3 is Now Available Smc Team

The latest version of the EFT Pro Dongle, v4.7.3, supports additional models for FRP and reset settings on Samsung devices without requiring test points. It also included new models. 

EFT Pro Dongle New Update V4.7.3 2024 Free Download Gsm Official Tool

Update V4.7.3 of the EFT Pro Dongle brings more functions for devices made by Samsung, SPD, or Infinix. Users of Samsung devices may now reset their Factory Reset Parameters (FRP) with a QR code scan. Users of SPD devices can now repair IMEI numbers in Diag Mode. Finally, users of Infinix devices can now repair IMEI on many devices with a single click.

What's fresh

The EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.3 Build 001 is now available.


Additional models Qualcomm

⛭Reset FRP
⛭Factory Reset​

  • SM-A426U U7
  • SM-A426U1 U7
  • SM-A426W U7
  • SM-A426XU U7
  • SM-A526U UA
  • SM-A526U1 UA
  • SM-A526W UA
  • SM-A526XU UA
  • SM-A716U U9
  • SM-A716U1 U9
  • SM-A716W U9
  • SM-A716XU U9
  • SM-A736B U5
  • SM-A736BR U5
  • SM-F711B U6
  • SM-F711BR U6
  • SM-F711U U6
  • SM-F711U1 U6
  • SM-F711W U6
  • SM-F711XU U6
  • SM-F721B U4
  • SM-F721BR U4
  • SM-F721U U3
  • SM-F721U1 U3
  • SM-F721W U3
  • SM-F721XU U3
  • SM-F731B U3
  • SM-F731BR U3
  • SM-F731U U3
  • SM-F731U1 U3
  • SM-F731W U3
  • SM-F731XU U3
  • SM-F916U U2
  • SM-F916U1 U2
  • SM-F916W U2
  • SM-F916XU U2

Previous Version:

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.2 Build 00 is Now available:



  • Reset Tecno/Infinix FRP 2024 (BETA) (MTP & USB)


  • Added a QR code to bypass Knox/MDM
  • Reset Tecno/Infinix FRP (2024) (MTP & USB)

Earlier Version:

Released is the EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.7.1 Build 001.


  • New QR Code for Reset Frp (BETA)
  • QR Code for Samsung G990B Reset Frp

EFT Pro Dongle New Update V4.7.3 2024 Free Download Gsm Official Tool


Added IMEI for SPD Diag Repair

  • Fix the Infinix Smart 7 HD X6516's IMEI.

EFT Pro Dongle New Update V4.7.3 2024 Free Download Gsm Official Tool

EFT Pro Dongle Feature of the Previous Version 


  • Simple menu and fresh design
  • Encourage Forced BROM (first way)
  • Encourage Forced BROM (approach 2).
  • Allow Forced BROM in the Absence of Test Points
  • Support BROM (PIT Method) required by Samsung
  • Support writing firmware for Huawei (UPDATE APP)
  • Write Samsung (TAR) firmware support
  • Support writing firmware for Oppo/Realme (OFP)
  • Write EMMC Dump firmware support
  • MT6765 PreLoader support
  • Allow for MTK (BROM) network straight unlocking.
  • Assistance (Vivo) Turn off MDM lock. In favor of (2020 and Up)
  • Help (Vivo) Turn off MDM lock In favor of (2019)
  • Assistance (Vivo) Disable MDM lock (Y15S PD2140EF) is supported.
  • Assistance (Vivo) Turn off the demo mode.
  • Assistance (Vivo) Turn off the orange message
  • Help (Vivo): Bring back orange messages
  • Revision Samsung Turn off the MDM Lock Update. Samsung modifies the KG Update Oppo turn off MDM lock
  • Support Device for MTK Devices with Security 2022–2023
  • Assistance Tool (MTK) Factory Reset/FRP Write Firmware Update or Reset It Write the firmware for a Samsung (TAR) device (MTK) Fix Tool Dl Image Failure Factory Reset/FRP Reset Frp Lock WriteFile MTK (V6) Protocol Devices Protocol Read Details, Flash, Format, and FRP
  • Models on V6 Protocol Supported by Free Auth Tecno / Infinix / itel
  • Added Fix Network Security 2020/2021 Added Fix IMEI Generic (MT67XX) BROM BROM Added Read IMEI BROM Added Repair Network Security 2022
  • Additional backup for MTK operations with a CID number
  • Added OPPO MT6771 and Forced BROM SAMSUNG Download Mode Auth Free Included Samsung Samsung Galaxy Wide5 (SM-E426S) Auth Free Samsung Galaxy A13 5G (SM-A136) Auth Free Samsung Galaxy A22 (SM-A225) Auth Free Samsung Galaxy F42 (SM-E426) Auth FreeAuth Free Added a New MTK Protocol Device (v6)
  • Revisionize GENERIC MTK V5 Revision Generic MTK 2023
  • Additional META Read Information Every MTK CPU Has META Factory Added Complete MTK CPU Reset + META Factory Reset MT62XX Added IMEI for META Repair Every MTK Processor Added in META Mode (Infinix, Tecno, and Itel) MTK Preloader was added to all models with Auth, and Samsung Brom models were added.
  • Additional META Read Information
  • META Factory Reset Direct (INFINIX-TECNO-ITEL) has been added.
  • Added INFINIX-TECNO-ITEL Backup Enable/Disable Direct Factory Reset


  • Support models greater than 200 models.
  • FRP Reset and Factory Reset
  • All SPD write PAC firmware has been added.
  • Enter the instructions for diag mode 2.
  • Access data and IMEI in diagnostic mode.
  • Diag mode in ALL mode factory reset
  • More additions, including RSA AUTH Itel/Tecno/Infinix/Realme
  • Added New Device (SPD) and Spd Fix Wireless Test Assistant Write Firmware PAC, Factory Reset, or FRP Reset
  • View Details
  • Factory/FRP Reset Reset and Unlock the Bootloader
  • Relock Bootloader Additional Details Read Flash, Format Disk, Write Disk, and Network Unlock were added to the boot mode. Repair IMEI Added in Boot Mode Remove MDM and Add Boot Mode Start Up Mode
  • Added GENERIC SPD V1 and New Boot SPD V2.


  • Exynos Boot (Beta) Fix
  • Get around Knox Samsung Adb
  • Avoid Samsung MTP and Knox
  • Do away with FRP Direct (MTP) 2023
  • Turn on ADB by dialing #0# for emergencies.
  • Uninstall KG Lock Direct (MTP) Convert ADB Android 13.


  • Turn on Diag Mode Without Using Root
  • New List Added (Qualcomm New)
  • The following features have been added: - Automatic loader support for Qualcomm devices; - Added list service for Factory Reset/FRP; - Support for Qualcomm devices. Decide on the Device model. Support for Qualcomm devices Factory Reset/FRP for Qualcomm devices
  • Updates To The Qualcomm Protocol To Support More Brands And Devices Oppo Reno Devices: Read Chip Information Unlock ID (Huawei)
  • Reset Firmware (Vivo/Other) and User Data Support Support for Qualcomm Devices
  • Qualcomm Device: Factory Reset/FRP
  • Read flash added, repairs added broken chip (Huawei)
  • Revision Take out the ID (Huawei)
  • Mend the old loader.
  • Support for [XIAOMI/ONEPLUS/HUAWEI/VIVO/OPPO/VIVO] Automatic Loader



  • Added HELLO IOS 16.4 BOOT PASSCODE for iPhone 8/8+/X
  • Included BOOT PASSCODE/HELLO IOS 16.4 IPAD; Generate iOS 15.x/16.x (iPhone/IPAD) Activation Files (Without Changing SN)
  • FIX: IOS 15.x/16.x Boot Passcode/Hello (IPAD/iPhone)
  • One Click to Change Test Signed Drivers to ON FIX Mount Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x BOOT PASSCODE/HELLO FOR (IPAD) Read Account From Backup Folder
  • Check Device Information (Recovery Mode)
  • Automated Active Redundancy Restore built-in content with just one click, backed by DFU and recovery
  • Save information to a text file for reading from or backing up files.
  • Passcode Restored with Disable Reset/Update
  • Include a format or restart option once the backup is finished.
  • Ipwnder restart in the event of an error
  • Bypassing Setup and turning off Restore New Update (Jailbreak) Apple backup using information
  • Added One-Click Disable Update/Reset/Skip Setup
  • Disable Update/Reset/Skip Setup was added. Ramdisk/ Salutations

[ Rockchip ]

  • Update Factory Reset, Read/Write Flash, and Frp

New Update

Previous Update 

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