SamFw Tool 4.8.1 - Remove Samsung FRP one click Tool 2024

SamFw Tool 4.8.1
The SamFw FRP Tool version 4.8.1 offers a one-click solution to remove FRP, change CSC, and update the security patch. It also allows for paid FRP removal. To use it, connect the phone to a PC, install the Samsung driver, and enter the emergency call code *#0*#. After removing FRP, the phone will reboot and complete the process.

Today, we introducing SamFw Tool 4.8.1

Main Function:

  • Remove FRP with one click
  • Change CSC with one click 
  • Remove FRP for new security patch (Aug 2022)
  • Remove the FRP paid method

Removing FRP from Phone

  • Connect the phone to the PC and install the Samsung driver.
  • Go to the emergency call, and type *#0*#.
  • Click Remove FRP on Tool.
  • Accept USB debugging if appearing.
  • The phone will finish and reboot.

SamFw Tool 4.8.1 Features:

  • Mode Test (#0#)
  • Delete FRP
  • New security factory reset after removing FRP.
  • Turn off Knox.
  • Turn off Factory mode.
  • Mode MTP
  • Enable Verizon ADB mode's secret code.
  • Modify CSC
  • Samsung account deletion
  • Enable Turn off mobile data.
  • Modify the CSC root mode.
  • Leave the download mode.
  • supple brick Android 5/6 Odin Flash Fix FRP
  • the most current flash files
  • choose slot and auto-detect file.
  • Zip file auto-extract
  • Neglect the MD5 checksum.
  • Verify the status of driver signature enforcement.
  • Disable/Enable driver identification verification.
  • Install VC++ 2015 and the Samsung USB driver.


  • Micloud Android 8.1 Enable Diag ADB Bypass [ROOT]
  • Fastboot Reset FRP
  • Sideload Reset the factory.
  • Micloud reset [QUALCOMM]
  • Micloud clock bypass (Anti-relock)
  • [QUALCOMM] Bypass Micloud clock (Anti relock) removal.
  • EDL 9008, read offline Micloud information.
  • Reset the FRP


Remove FRP LG UP Flash LG KDZ MTP Factory Reset EDL (Support LG G7/G8/G8X/G8S/V30/V40/V50/V50S/Q6/G5/G6/V20/V35/V60)


  • Information about ADB Batteries
  • Turn off/on OTA Update
  • Language preset Factory reset.
  • Developer choices hidden.
  • Open Browser for FRP (FRP) APP Manager ROOT


  • Partitions Manager (Read/Write/Erase) EDL 9008
  • EDL 9008 Factory reset, FRP reset, and user data.

Upcoming Events:

  • Setup XAPK directly
  • Install any dual message Samsung apps.
  • Turn off Factory mode. 
  • [ROOT] Modify SN
  • [ROOT] Battery cycle change
  • [ROOT] displaying a saved Wi-Fi password.

Download SamFw Tool 4.7.1

How To Use SamFw Tool 4.8.1?

  1. Download the SamFw Tool 4.8.1 & Extract.
  2. Out of the icon appearing, Double click on SamFw Tool.
  3. After the SamFw Tool Launch on your PC, Click on Start.
  4. It will lead you to successfully Open This Tool.
  5. Enjoy

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