Download EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.4 Build 001 [Samsung KG Lock Bypass]

DFT PRO Tool V3.7.9 Download Setup [Latest Version]

DFT PRO Tool V3.7.9 Download Setup [Latest Version]

EFT Pro Tool is a software Programme that may be used to unlock pattern password pin locks, erase FRP, and factory reset any Android phone. It can also be used to unlock an iOS device's passcode or iCloud activation lock.

We will give EFT Pro Dongle Software Latest v4.5.4 in this post. EFT Pro Dongle is a utility Android Multi-tool that aids in the resolution of software issues on your devices; this tool is now accessible for download from this page. This EFT Pro Dongle is only available for the most recent version, and it includes some intriguing capabilities for your new Android smartphones.

EFT Pro Dongle is a tool or dongle that is used to unlock and repair mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. It works with a variety of brands, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. It includes functions like as bootloader unlocking, IMEI repair, firmware flashing, and more. Professional technicians and repair shops frequently Utilise the Programme to diagnose and repair software-related issues on mobile devices.

EFT PRO Dongle is a new device that employs a novel and unique root approach for phones that use boot As well as flashing, uninstall FRP on all Samsung new and old security.

In ADB and FastBoot mode, it supports practically all Android devices. It also works with Huawei handsets in download mode and Samsung devices in normal and download modes. Share your most recent Keygen file here to activate the tool on your computer. Below are some other features of this tool.

What is EFT Pro Dongle

EFT Dongle is a software utility used for flashing and unlocking mobile phones. It is intended for usage with a wide variety of mobile phone models and brands and may be used to remove screen locks, flash firmware, and unlock SIM cards. It is Utilised by both professional technicians and amateurs. EFT Dongle can also be used to remove FRP, flash firmware, and update firmware, among other things.

EFT Pro Dongle is the most latest GSM Mobile Software repair tool. The first universal data card for unlocking/flashing products worldwide, this tool can repair the devices and make it alive again and do Password Remove, Accounts Unlock, and Bootloader Unlock is fast and No Need Any Activation. It supports almost all modern MTK, Qualcomm, and SPD devices in India and the rest of the world, easily repairs all the device's software, and unlocks too many supported Android devices easily.

The most recent version of EFT Pro Tool, V4.5.4 Build 001, includes support for several new features, including:

Samsung KG Lock Direct Unlock (MTP Mode)

  • The ability to remove KG Lock Direct (MTP) on Samsung devices.
  • Support for new MTK Protocols Such As Read Info Flashing Format And FRP Unlock.
  • Support for MT6781/MT6983/MT6879/MT6895/MT6855/MT6789/MT6985/MT6886 Tecno/Infinix/Itel/Realme devices.
  • Free auth for Tecno Infinix Itel Devices.
  • The Ability To ByPass MDM Lenovo, Nokia, Other, Devices ADB Mode.
  • The Ability To Unlocking The Network On Google Pixel Devices ByPass ADB MODE.

Before you can use the EFT Pro Tool, you must first download and install the software on your computer. An activation key is also required. After activating the software, connect your Android or iOS smartphone to your computer and use the utility to unlock, remove FRP from, or factory reset the device.

A variety of issues with Android and iOS devices can be fixed with the help of the efficient EFT Pro Tool. The most recent version, V4.5.4 Build 001, has gotten even more powerful with the addition of various new features.


New design and Easy menu
Added Forced BROM (method 1)
Added Forced BROM (method 2)
Added Forced BROM without Test Point
Added Samsung forced BROM (PIT Method)
Added write Huawei (UPDATE APP) firmware
Added write Samsung (TAR) firmware
Added write Oppo/Realme (OFP) firmware
Added write EMMC Dump firmware
Added Vivo MT6765 PreLoader
Added direct unlock network MTK (BROM)
Added (Vivo) Supported for (2020 to Up) Disable MDM Lock
Added (Vivo) Supported for (2019) Disable MDM Lock
Added (Vivo) Supported for (Y15S PD2140EF) Disable MDM Lock 
Added (Vivo) Disable demo mode
Added (Vivo) Disable orange msg
Added (Vivo) Restore orange msg
Update Samsung Disable MDM Lock
Update Samsung change KG
Update Oppo disable MDM lock
Added New Security 2022/2023 for MTK
Added New Device Support for MTK devices
Added New Device Factory Reset, FRP, Reset, Write, Firmware, (MTK)
Update Write Samsung (TAR) Firmware
Added New Device (MTK) Factory Reset/FRP
Added Fix Tool Dl Image Fail
Added Reset FRP Lock Write File


Added new models above 200+ model
Factory reset and FRP Reset
Added write PAC firmware for All SPD
Enter Diag mode 2 methods
Read info and IMEI in Diag mode
Factory reset in Diag mode ALL mode
Added RSA AUTH Itel Tecno Infinix Realme and more
Added SPD Fix Wireless Test Assistant
Added SPD Factory, Reset, FRP, Reset, Write Firmware, (PAC) New Device 
Read Info
Reset FRP/Factory Reset
Unlock Bootloader
Relock Bootloader


Fix Exynos Boot (Beta)
Bypass Knox Samsung Adb
Bypass Knox Samsung MTP
Added Remove FRP Direct (MTP) 2023
Enable ADB With Call Emergency #0#.


Enable Diag Mode Without Root
Added New List (Qualcomm New)
Added Factory Reset, FRP For list Service
Added (Factory Reset, Oppo, FRP) for list Service
-Qualcomm device support automatic loader
-Support for Qualcomm devices. Select the model
Added New Device Support for Qualcomm devices
Added New Device (Qualcomm) Factory Reset/FRP
Qualcomm To Support More Devices And Brands Protocol Update
Fixed Read Chip Info Oppo Reno Devices
Added New Unlock ID (Huawei)
Added New Reset FRP/UserData Use Firmware (Vivo/Other)
Added New Device Support for Qualcomm devices
Added New Device (Qualcomm) Factory Reset/FRP


Added Generate Activation 15.x -16.x IPHONE, IPAD files ISO Without Change SN
FIX Boot Passcode, Hello IOS 15.x 16.x (IPAD iPhone)
FIX Mount Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x
Added New Read Account From Backup Folder

How to Use?

  1. Download the most recent setup using the download link above.
  2. Extract all of the files to your PC after that.
  3. Open the extracted folder after that.
  4. The tool will ask you to install it once it has opened. Click Next, Next, Agree, and Finish.
  5. From there, launch "EFT Pro Dongle.exe".
  6. A pop-up box will then appear.
  7. then from there, select the "Start" option.
  8. Done; now wait a short while before starting the most recent version, v2.7, on your PC. You can then use the tool.

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