Rom2box Full Working Free Latest Version Tool And Tested 2024

Rom2box Full Working Free Latest Version Tool And Tested 2024

The Most Recent Version Of The Smartphone Repair Software For Windows Is Named Rom2box V3.7. This Version Now Has Additional Compatibility For A Wider Range Of Phone Models From Manufacturers Including Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, And Others. Additionally, Advanced Users Now Have Access To A Fastboot Page. Additionally, It Fixes Issues And Enhances Functionality Across Many Devices.
Rom2box Full Working Free Latest Version Tool And Tested 2024

Features Of The Tool Rom2box

Status of Features

  • Yes, Mtk Auth Bypass And Mtk Frp Bypass
  • Mtk Pattern Userlock Circumvention
  • Mtk Read Full Firmware & Partitions Yes Mtk Flash Single Partition Yes Mtk Full Flashsure
  • Mtk Prepares The Firmware For The Sp Tool (Extracts With 7zip).Sure
  • Relock The Bootloader And Unlock The Mtk
  • Qcom Is Able To Read Firmware And Flash Firmware.
  • Qcom Avoids Frpabsolutely, Qcom Bypassed My Account. Yes, Qcom Bypassed The Pattern.
  • Yes, Mtk Can Bypass My Account. However, Imei Repair Is Not Included.
  • Mtk Sp Flash Tool Is Capable Of Doing So, However The Driver Is Not Included.
  • Spreadtrum Flash: Sure
  • Spreadtrum Read-No
  • Frp Spreadtrumno (In The Next Release)
  • Samsung Frpindeed, Samsung Flash
  • Yes, Samsung Odin
  • Install Agent Package, Extra 4gb, For More Than 1000 Devices.

Supported Devices

  • Xiaomi Qcom 79+ Smartphones Vivo Qcom 25+
  • Smartphones Oppo Qcom 51+ Smartphones Xiaomi
  • Mtk All (Excluding New) Vivo Mtk All (Excluding New)
  • Oppo Mtk All (Excluding New) Other Mtk All Adb Interface Yes
  • Fastboot Interface Yes Bootloader Unlock 3 Generic Method + Mtk Method
  • Fastboot To Edl 3 Method Fastboot Flash Yes Scatter Flash Yes Mtk Client
  • Sp Download (Mi), And Sp Tool Yes Moto Blank Flash Yes Bloatware Remover
  • Universal Script For Oppo/Vivo/Samsung/Xiaomi Apk Installer Yes Fastboot Flasher Yes
  • Gsi Flash (System Image, Which Includes A Blank Vbmeta))System Image
  • Which Includes A Blank Vbmeta, Pac Extractor: Yes; Pac Flasher: Yes
  • Free Download For An Updatethe Source Code Is Accessible For Free Download.

Updates For Rom2box V3.7:

  • Fastboot Tab Was Added.
  • Fastboot Features Read The Information, Unlock The Bootloader, Erase The Frp, Erase, Flash, And Read The Gpt. Factory Reset, Quick Boot Reboot, Edl Reboot, And System Reboot

How Is It Installed? 

  1. Since Rom2box V3.2 Includes A Complete Setup File, You Can Download It First.
  2. Next, Extract Every File From Rom2box V3.2 Onto The C: Drive (My Path Is "C:\Rom2box_v3.2" In This Case).
  3. After That, Download The Most Recent Version Of Rom2box V3.7, Extract All Of Its Files Into The Same Location, And Replace Any Outdated Files With The New Ones.
    Rom2box V3.7
  4. At This Point, Click "Rom2box.Exe" To Launch The Utility As Administrator.
  5. Once The Program Is Open, Connect Your Device To A Computer, Select Your Preferred Option, And Do All Tasks For Free.
  6. Have Fun!

File Download:

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